You'd Better Read This, Andy Stone

There are three people who are apparently interested enough in my opinions and lazy enough that they don't want to do their own research that encouraged me to start writing this. One of them is in the name of this post. (Seriously, Andy, I'm doing this for you. If you don't read it, I am going to be pissed.) Here we will talk about comics. Maybe I'll just tell you what I'm reading. Maybe we'll get analytic and philosophical and shit. Hopefully, it will be fun. My tastes are my own, some may agree, many won't. That's good, it's a big medium with lots to choose from.

Ok, here we go. 

Saga (Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Artist: Fiona Staples)

I know, it's a pretty popular title, not something I dug out of obscurity. But, it does hold a special place for me. It's the title that brought me back to actively reading comics a few years ago. It seems as fitting a place as any to begin this list. Also, if you don't like Saga, you probably won't like much of what I have to say about comics. 

A lot has been said about this book so I won't rehash. Suffice to say it's a complicated, sometimes smutty, sometimes profane, always touching look at family and relationships. If by some miracle you found this post before hearing about this book; go, now to your nearest comic or book store and buy it. Or, you know, read it digitally.